Organizational Support

Project Management

Getting a new project off the ground requires a combination of strategy, planning, schedule management, financial skills, and excellent organization. I’m quick to assess and plan based on client needs, and then focus on getting the job done on time and within budget. See my experience working with: World Economic Forum, Jewish Community Federation

Report writing

Need to create a simple and clear story to describe a complex program or project to your funders, stakeholders or other important audiences? I’ll process all the information, research existing communications related to your initiative, and develop reports and presentations that get your messages heard, understood and remembered.  See my experience working with: The Arcus Foundation, The Heinz Endowments, Ad Council Jamaica, Nonprofit arts institution, Making Opportunity Affordable, Student Voices, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


A well-facilitated meeting gets the best thinking from your participants while making efficient use of time and resources. I plan active agendas with specific goals and objectives to help you engage board members, staff or other groups. I’m trained in classical Osborn/Parnes brainstorming for problem solving, and facilitate lively and productive ideation sessions. See my experience working with: Ad Council, The Arcus Foundation, National Human Services Assembly, The Heinz Endowments, Park Slope Food Coop, Metro Voices, Metro Choices

Foundation Relations

Winning foundation support for your program is challenging and requires a strategy, thoughtful research and, often, good connections. I package and promote programs that engage foundation interest and, by utilizing my wide-reaching network, identify champions to help sell it through internal networks. See my experience working with: Ad Council, Languagemate

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